celebrating people of color in the arts


of note might just be the new cultural ark. It answers the old Marvin Gaye question – what’s going on? It is a visionary publication to watch. As the world changes, of note will help change the world.”

E.Ethelbert Miller, Author & Literary Activist

“Please keep giving artists of color a major voice and vehicle for getting the word out there.”

Lamont Lawrence, Maryland

of note is a precious treasure and a much needed breath of fresh air. I know the artist and filmmaker friends I have will appreciate it for sure.”

Mohamed Keita

Art Patron & Human Rights Activist with the Committee to Protect Journalists

“Weaved within this sophisticated, well designed e-magazine, you will find features, editorials, reviews, artist profiles, and public commentary crafted by a team of dedicated editors.”


“It is so wonderful to see a well-designed, well-produced, most informative weekly, listing those items in the arts celebrating people of color.  My heartfelt congratulations and appreciation. Excellently produced work.”

Joan Thornell, Washington, D.C.

of note is not only a useful cultural and social justice tool for New Yorkers, but for someone who is in a temporary exile in South America it makes me miss Harlem and the art scene in New York! of note’s mission is certainly very noble.”

Victor Herrero, Journalist, Harlem, NYC

“I was delighted to receive of note in my in-box today, an e-magazine devoted to bringing the contemporary arts together with audiences of color. It is well edited, illustrated, and a pleasure to read.”

Tavia Nyong’o, Professor of Performance Studies, NYU

“I have a subscription to your magazine, which I want to thank you for producing. I must say, I look forward to receiving it in my inbox—I find it to be a well-curated piece.”

Yamini Nayar, Visual Artist, NYC

“of note is such an important tool for individuals who have a desire to be connected to the  arts. It is a space where we can get information. For me, information has always equaled power, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Nikki Martin, West Palm Beach, FL


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