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bookmark: The Slaves War

In literary arts on July 19, 2008 at 1:44 pm

In his review of The Slaves War, book forum’s Lawrence Hill questions:

“Is it a problem that many of the most famous and enduring fictional accounts of African Americans have been penned by whites?…[T]he average elementary or high school student in the United States or Canada who wants—or is told—to learn something about black culture and history is more likely to begin and end his or her reading with Twain and Lee than with any of these African-American writers.

One way to interrupt this trend—whether unconscious or deliberate—of ignoring African-American writers is to incorporate memoirs into the body of Civil War literature. In its transparency and vitality, the African-American memoir has the power to reach out and grab readers and hold them chapter after chapter. A great slave narrative, for example, offers the drama of fiction and the cutting edge of historical fact.”

Excerpted from: Voices Carry, bookforum.com, June/July/August 2008 Issue


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